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We help companies and organisations to manage sewage, re-use grey water and clean water for drinking.

We do this to save you money, protect your health and reduce environmental impact.

What do you need to do?

Manage Sewage

• Sewage Treatment Plant
• Septic Tank Systems
• Replace Honey Sucker System
• Sewage Package Plant

Re-Use Grey Water

• Wash-bay Recycling System
• Grey Water System
• Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Clean Water To Drink

• Borehole Water Treatment
• River Water Treatment
• Stand-by Water Supply
• JoJo Tanks Stands

Ask us to visit your site

Get advice on the best sewage treatment plant for your site.

When a system fails:

• People get sick
• The environment gets damaged
• Your property smells bad

Get a system that is designed by us, so that you don’t have expensive clean-ups on your hands.

We design, build and maintain systems for:

  • Companies,
  • Hotels,
  • Universities, Schools,
  • Mines
  • Communities

People want to know:

• What needs to be done?
• How will it save me money in the long run?
• What would be a better way to do it?

Call us and we will help you.

Companies we have worked with

What our clients are saying:

 “Micon is a great company. The quality of their work is excellent. I can highly recommend them.”
Sonja Jarvis


 “We had the most incredible service from the team. Highly recommend this fantastic company.”
Debbie Owen Becker


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Maintenance of Small To Commercial Scale Plants

Regular servicing keeps mechanical components in perfect working order and extends their life span.
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