We design, install and maintain treatment plants for potable (drinking) water.

How important is safe drinking water?

Micon Water offers a range of solutions for Drinking Water.

Treatment of Borehole Water for Drinking

Treatment of River Water for Drinking

Back-Up Water Supply

JoJo Tank Stands

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Treatment of water for drinking

(borehole or river water)

What’s in your drinking water?
Potable drinking water treatment plants are designed to neutralize and filter out any spikes in the chemical composition of your water.

Send us your latest test results and we will give you advice on a safe and healthy way to treat your borehole or river water.

Back-up water supply
(Stand-by bulk water storage for Hotels and Hospitals)

Many industries like hotels and hospitals by law require a standby by or back up bulk water supply. This can be installed “in-line” with your municipal feed and act as a buffer should the need arise.

Various water tank designs, sizes, and colours are available.

We can also create a custom installation to store harvested rain or storm water that will fit in with the look and feel of your business.

Towers for JoJo tanks

JoJo water tanks are often installed on 9m high water towers to provide constant pressure to the main water feed.

We have the expertise to safely install 9m towers for JoJo tanks.

A 5 000 Lt tank weighs more than 5 tons, you wouldn’t want to hire just anybody to install such a heavy object at height.

Maintenance of Small To Commercial Scale Plants

Regular servicing keeps mechanical components in perfect working order and extends their life span.
Filters and consumables need to be regularly replaced.
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