Recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated. We know how to treat Grey Water to a level it can be re-used effectively for most commercial processes.

Cars, trucks, busses and trains don’t need to be washed with drinking water. We don’t need to flush our toilets with drinking water.


You can use it but you can’t drink it, that’s why it’s called Grey Water

Grey Water Recycling 

Bulk Rainwater Harvesting

Car/Truck Wash Water Recycling

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Grey Water Recycling

Grey Water Recycling is reusing wastewater for beneficial purposes such as washing vehicles, industrial processes, truck, car washes and toilet flushing.

When your business re-uses water:
1. You don’t need to buy new water or pay for sewage costs
2. You reduce your environmental impact
3. You don’t keep dumping dirty water into our rivers and oceans

Its time to start saving your business, university or school money… and save mother nature too. Speak to us about how we help companies save money by re-using water.

Bulk Rain Water Harvesting

We design and install rainwater harvesting systems that collect and reuse rainwater from the roof and other surfaces and reticulate it into the water tank where it’s stored for direct use.

Many industries like hotels and hospitals by law require standby water plants.

Various water tank designs, sizes, and colours are available. We will create a custom installation to store harvested rain or storm water that will fit in with the look and feel of your business.

We design and install systems for irrigation or an off the grid system.

Maintenance of Grey Water Systems

Regular servicing keeps mechanical components in perfect working order and extends their life span.
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